Montsec Route: Sant Salvador del Bosc Hermitage and Black Cave
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Location: Lleida Noguera - Montsonís
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The Route to the Sant Salvador del Bosc Hermitage and the Black Cave joins these two points of interest on a tourist route that crosses the landscape of Montsec, passing by the town of Llimiana (Pallars Jussà). The route offers magnificent views of the Tremp Basin, the possibility of seeing deers and also reveals unusual and spectacular places.

On the one hand, Sant Salvador del Bosc Hermitage, XI Century Romanesque Church, located at 1.200 meters, landing in a part of the forest of Llimiama. On the other hand, the Black Cave, with capacity for over 1.000 people, has been the scene of some privileged concerts of voices a capella. We know that the cave, 3.500 years ago, in the Bronze Age, had been cremation and burial shrine and tank polls.

Distance: 10 km
Slope: between 800 and 1.000 meters
Duration: between 5 and 6 hours

Next date: Sunday, May 31, 2015

* Insurance included in the price.

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